BIS #7002 Nature Conservation Day Celebrated by NSS Students

By Ms Cylvia Thomas for BISMumbai

Nature Conservation Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour by the National Service Scheme (NSS) students of Don Bosco College, Kurla, on 31 July 2023. The event, aimed to raise awareness about environmental conservation and promote a deeper connection with nature among young students.

The event featured two main activities: a Drawing Competition and a Tree Plantation Drive. The drawing competition saw the participation of 1200 students from Grades 7 and 8 of Michael High School, Kurla. The theme for the competition was "Save Earth, Save Life," and the young artists showcased their creativity and talents by creating meaningful artworks centred around nature conservation.

Simultaneously, the NSS volunteers actively engaged in the Tree Plantation Drive, where each of the 20 volunteers planted a sapling on the school premises. The drive not only aimed to restore the local ecosystem but also sought to instill a sense of responsibility towards nature and encourage a sustainable future.

One of the NSS volunteers, Ms Sasha Vaz, shared her experience, stating, "Being part of the organising team for this event has been an eye-opening journey. It made me realise the significance of our individual actions in safeguarding the environment. Witnessing the enthusiasm of the young students during the drawing competition and planting saplings during the Tree Plantation Drive has motivated me to take more active steps towards nature conservation in my own life."

In conclusion, the Nature Conservation Day event organized by the NSS Unit of DBC proved to be a successful stride towards a greener and more sustainable future. The dedication and enthusiasm of the students and volunteers demonstrated the potential for positive change when working together for a common cause. 

As the event came to a close, participants and spectators were left inspired by the beauty of art and the importance of preserving nature. The community looks forward to more such events in the future to continue celebrating creativity and environmental conservation.