BIS #7150 Annual Thanksgiving Day at Chhotaudepur

By Fr Chris Ferreira for BISMumbai

Bosco Kids Kindergarten and Don Bosco English Medium School Chhotaudepur had their Second Annual Day on 10 February 2024. The theme for the event was ‘Our Colourful Gujarat’. Every student had the opportunity to perform folk dances covering the whole expanse of the State of Gujarat, right from the districts of Dwarka and Kutch in the west to Chhotaudepur in the east and from the district of Patan in the north to Dangs down south.

Mr Jasvantbhai K. Parmar, the Chhotaudepur District Primary Education Officer, was the chief guest for the occasion, and Mr Madhubhai S. Rathwa -the Gujarat State Teachers' Association's Deputy President and alumni of Don Bosco Gujarati Medium School was the Guest of Honour for the event. In his message to the students, Mr Parmar highlighted three points for a healthy student life - good health and exercise, developing a connection with God, and consuming knowledge daily by developing a reading culture. 

Four students from Grades 2 and 3 were the comperes for the event and their confidence, flair and eloquence in speaking both Gujarati and English, without any exaggeration, left all present spellbound.

The welcome dance by the nursery tiny-tots was just the right start for the programme. Invoking God's presence with a prayer dance and the lighting of the lamp, the theme of Folk Dances of Gujarat was presented through a tableau dance depicting historical and contemporary personalities from the state of Gujarat. From the swaying moves of the dandiya raas to the devotional tippani dance to timli, hudo, and padhar, the stage was graced with students displaying the diversity of the cultures of Gujarat. 

Fr George Carlos, the Rector, spoke of the dedication and zeal with which the Principal and the staff work, which is already admired by the townspeople.

The Guest of Honour was nostalgic about the days when the oratory was conducted in his village back in the early 90s, he spoke of the Salesians who accepted him and so many other adivasi kids in the boarding and shaped them all – all who were the most poor in the literal sense. He emphasised, “Don Bosco came to Chhotaudepur at a time when no one cared about this region; and the development of Chhotaudepur today is a testament to selfless and genuine service of the fathers and brothers in field of education and development.” 

Fr Chris Ferreira, the Principal, in the annual report, presented the values by which the school abides, the amenities provided and the activities conducted for the kindergarten and the school during the academic year 2023-24. The most awaited performance for the parents, and the students was the dance of their teachers and Principal dressed in colourful attire to a feet-tapping garba number won the adulation of all. 

Mr Harishkumar Parmar, a parent, admiring the hard work of the staff reflected in the quality of the programme, said, “Only Don Bosco can do this - teach my child values that aren’t found in textbooks.”