BIS #7175 Elysian Fest 2024 at DB Nerul

By Fr Akhil Abraham for BISMumbai

Don Bosco School, Nerul, conducted its second annual Elysian Fest, held on 22 and 23 April 2024. The event was a vibrant celebration of artistic talent and cultural diversity, showcasing the creative endeavours of students and staff alike.

The Elysian Fest was honoured to welcome two distinguished guests to its grand event. Senior Inspector Satish Kadam from the NRI Coastal Police Station graced the Opening Ceremony with his presence on 22 April, while Mrs Kawaljit Kaur, Vice Principal of Datta Meghe World Academy, was present for the closing ceremony of the first day. Mrs Ritu Kapur, Principal of Lokmanya Tilak International School, added another layer of significance to the event, reinforcing the importance of nurturing creativity, talent, and cultural diversity in an academic environment during the closing ceremony held on 23  April. Their presence added a touch of honour, significance, and inspiration to the festivities, setting the stage for a memorable and impactful gathering.

This year's Elysian Fest featured a diverse range of competitions and performances, highlighting the multifaceted abilities of the student body. The second day of the festival was particularly eventful, hosting a variety of competitive events designed to engage and inspire participants.

The competitions included fancy dress and recitation contests, where young participants enthusiastically showcased their talents through colourful costumes and powerful recitations. Additionally, the poster-making competition challenged students to unleash their artistic skills under tight time constraints, resulting in visually striking creations. The festival's standout performances included non-classical and classical dances that pushed traditional school competitions' boundaries with their innovative choreography and expressive storytelling. 

Team events like group singing, folk dance, debate, and quiz competitions showcased unity and camaraderie among students, infusing the fest with harmonious melodies, energetic dance moves, and spirited intellectual exchanges that resonated throughout the venue, amplifying the festive atmosphere with their collective enthusiasm and talent.

The fest culminated in a grand prize distribution ceremony, where the achievements and efforts of the participants were celebrated. Winners across all categories received certificates, acknowledging their outstanding performances and contributions to the event's success.

Overall, the Elysian Fest reaffirmed its status as a cornerstone event for Don Bosco School, Nerul, reflecting the institution's dedication to fostering an environment where arts and culture thrive alongside academic pursuits. With this year's success setting a new benchmark, anticipation is high for an even grander edition in the future.