by BISMumbai Correspondent

Uncertain, uncharted, unprecedented and unprepared though the scenario may be, thanks to the disastrous COVID-19 aftermath, it is time to start again. The confusing narratives that emerge daily, are worrisome for scores of parents and students, already impacted with toxicity in various facets of executive functioning. Amidst public interest litigations and other matters sub-judice, the academic year for students through digital and online platforms on a pilot project basis, has practically begun from 15 June 2020.

MumbaiSalesians’ Don Bosco High School Matunga initiated Mission Begin Again. In a circular dated 13 June 2020, addressed to parents, Principal Father Bernard Fernandes writes, “ Dear parents, welcome to the new scholastic year 2020-21. Here I wish to give you some details of the reopening of the school, and certain guidelines we need to follow for the online classes that will begin from 15 June 2020. Given the present pandemic situation and also our first experience with online teaching and remote learning we will have a staggered reopening of our school with online classes (subject to further instructions from the Education Department)..” In his letter he elaborates on the staggered phased Google Meet and Google Classroom procedures for the different grades. Father Fernandes also provided explicit guidelines to be adhered to. He states, “we expect you to follow certain guidelines for online classes,” among which were: use of school uniform [except Jr.Kg & 1st] during online classes; appropriate sitting arrangement conducive to learning; camera to be kept on; headphone and mike to facilitate better interaction with the teacher, and the like.

Earlier, during the traumatic total Lockdown period, the teachers had been exploring various forms, methods, platforms and avenues to reach out to the students. With empty classrooms, noisless school corridors, and bereft of physical accompaniment, many of the classes and students took to sharing poems, hobbies, thoughts on the school’s facebook page.

Father Fernandes exhorts, “This is the first time that we are conducting such online classes, and for sure we do not wish this practice to remain for long. We want our students back with us in our classrooms and on the playground. For this to happen we all pray together for a quick solution and easing of the pandemic crisis.” Appreciating the teachers, he notes, “Our teachers have worked hard during the vacation to explore different online platforms and tools for learning and prepare themselves for these classes. Extend your cooperation to them and be appreciative of their efforts. We wish each other a successful and happy beginning to the new scholastic year 2020-21.”

A few videos on the Don Bosco Matunga Facebook page welcomed students back with an empty physical campus, through online teaching and remote learning .

New Territory, Newer Learnings

Novel Welcome-Emotions & Excitement

Back to School -Welcome

Earlier, during the Lockdown Phase, a video clip by Avit Dias & Team captured the spirit of Don Bosco Matunga for the boys to “keep believing in themselves.” Feel Good & Stay Positive.

Father Crispino D'Souza Rector Don Bosco Matunga shared the 08 Beatitudes for Educators to help them traverse the 'new normal'.

Don Bosco High School Matunga continues its endeavour to make the leap and go the length, doing it’s best with sacrifice and zest for God and Country, always striving for glory. Incidentally, this is precisely what the School Anthem chorus says: “In virtute robur, In virtue lies our strength, To uphold our motto, We’ll go to any length, Then to God and Country, We’ll give of our best, Striving to win glory, With sacrifice and zest.”