BIS #6222 Child Parliament Elections at Shelter Don Bosco

by Brother Vishal Waghmare for BISMumbai

On 20 November 2020 child parliament elections was organized at Shelter Don Bosco by the child parliament members and the management. Earlier, an induction ceremony was held a week ago, that focused on explaining the election process, it's significance, the procedures and with the names of the candidates who wished to stand for elections.

The elections began with announcing the names of the candidates contesting for different ministries and posts, with a few names suggested by the management after hearing the concerns of the candidates. The positions contested were: president, secretary, health, education, discipline, anti-bullying, sports and culture. The election took place in the form of ballot voting, wherein the voters were given complete freedom to choose their leader, with confidentiality. This method also maintained a sense of discipline among all the voters.

The voting process was concluded by congratulating all the leaders , with brief instructions on how to fulfill their respective roles. Similarly the entire Shelter Don Bosco was made to understand and abide by what their leaders communicate, which will be in the best interest of the institute.

The leaders were informed that their training process would be initiated and they would be provided with the necessary support by the management and staff, as and when required. The elections ended with a prayer song, followed by delicious lunch.