BIS #6608 Chhotaudepur Sanitary Education & Income Generation activities

by Father Jerome Aruldass for BISMumbai

The development sector of Don Bosco Chhotaudepur namely Lok Seva Kendra began an outreach on 11 April 2022 about menstrual health education and income generation activities for 56 women SHG’s of LSK’s 50 villages. This was a new venture by Radhika Amarsing Rathwa, daughter of former MP Shri Amarsing Rathwa.

LSK has collaborated with Radhikaji to start health awareness drive on menstrual hygiene and care. Though she owns two schools in Chhotaudepur, she comes personally to all the SHG’s and gives her presentation on menstrual management. The menstrual health and the risk factors are minutely elaborated by Radhikaji. Menstrual blood when released attracts various organisms from the body which multiply in the warmth of the blood and cause irritation, rashes or urinary tract infections. She aims to maximize menstrual awareness to as many women as possible because menstrual health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease in the menstrual cycle. She distributed sanitary napkins to all the women at a very nominal price.

This health drive doesn’t stop only in awareness rather Radhikaji has encouraged the women to sell the napkins wherein they can reap a direct profit. She also has introduced the women to her own startup on online market. This is a great encouragement to women to make natural soaps and other products like pen. This way income generation in the lives of the rural women is ensured by her startup.