BIS #6962 Parents Meet at Shelter Don Bosco Nashik

By Fr Rudolf D’Souza for BISMumbai

The Shelter Don Bosco Child Care Institute, Nashik, hosted a parents' meeting on 29 June 2023, to foster stronger communication and collaboration between parents and staff. 

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome by the Rector, Fr Royal D’Abreo, who asserted that the Management and Staff are passionate about Child Care after the heart of Don Bosco and at all times ensure the best for every single child under their care.

The event started with a short prayer setting the tone for the gathering. A video on Don Bosco, showcasing his inspiring work and philosophy, was presented in Hindi for the attendees. This enlightening video provided a glimpse into Don Bosco’ life and the Salesian institution's rich history and principles. 

The In Charge of Shelter Don Bosco, Fr Rudolf D’souza, extended a warm welcome to all the parents, emphasising the significance of their presence and involvement in their children's upbringing. His words highlighted the institute's commitment to creating a nurturing environment for the children under its care.

The next session, taken by the Child Welfare Officer, Mr Bhushan Rajbhoj, covered rules and regulations pertaining to parents' visits, holidays, and permissions for taking children out or allowing them to go home. This discussion aimed to ensure that parents are well-informed about the guidelines that govern their interactions with their children during their stay at the institute.

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in a child's holistic development in a Salesian setting. The caretaker, Mr Lawrence Maghade, presented an informative session on the various activities available for the boys at Shelter Don Bosco. The presentation highlighted the benefits of participation in such activities, including sports, arts, and cultural events. Parents were encouraged to support and encourage their children's involvement in these activities, recognising the positive impact they have on their overall growth. 

To facilitate effective communication between the institute and parents, the Counsellor, Mrs Anagha Sharma, introduced the various communication platforms available. Parents were familiarised with the office landline, WhatsApp group, and other channels that provide direct access to the staff. The importance of parent-staff collaboration was emphasised, promoting open dialogue and shared responsibility in nurturing the children. A dedicated Q&A session allowed parents to ask questions, share concerns, and provide valuable feedback, ensuring that their voices were heard.

In the closing remarks, a summary of the key points discussed during the meeting was presented by the nurse, Mrs Elizabeth John, reaffirming the institute's commitment to transparency and partnership with parents. Fr D’Souza expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the parents for their attendance and active participation in the Parents Meet. As a gesture of appreciation, a delicious lunch was arranged for everyone, allowing parents, staff, and management to further bond and foster relationships.

The Parents Meet at Shelter Don Bosco proved to be a significant step towards strengthening the collaboration between parents and the institute's staff. By promoting clear communication, understanding of policies, and encouraging the involvement of parents in the lives of their wards, Shelter Don Bosco aims to provide a nurturing environment where children can thrive and grow. The event left parents feeling reassured and confident in the institute's dedication to their children's well-being.