BIS #6802 Workshop on Filmmaking at DBPH

By Br Aliester D’Souza for BISMumbai

A workshop on ‘Techniques of Filmmaking’ was held at Don Bosco Provincial House on 26 and 27 September 2022. A total of 22 participants from 11 SDB and 1 FMA institutions of the Province of Bombay were present for the workshop.

Mr Joy Fernandes was the resource person for the workshop. Drawing from his vast experience in the field of media and communication spanning over 20 years, Mr Fernandes blended theory with ample practical examples in the sessions. Most of the participants, being students, found it easy to understand difficult concepts thanks to the lucid manner in which the topics were presented.

Mr Fernandes led the participants on the journey of filmmaking. Beginning from the art and the importance of storytelling, he gave them an overview of scripting, screenplay writing, videography, video editing and processing. The participants, curious and inquisitive, paid careful attention as they grappled with both the theory and the practice of the skills. Having divided them into groups, he tasked them to go through the process step by step. As he taught them a particular skill, he expected them to try to replicate the activity in their groups.

Though constrained by time, Mr Fernandes did much justice to the incredible task of teaching the techniques of filmmaking in 8 sessions over the course of two days. Most of these skills are not acquired in a few hours: they have to be assimilated and practiced over a period of time. In the end, the participants came to admire the meticulous process of the film and television industry, and learnt to appreciate the work of countless unknown artists who are the backbone of this industry.

In the final session, Mr Fernandes gave them a few tips with regards to the Short Film Fest - Kahaani. This workshop was held with a view to train a representative from each of the SDB communities of the Province with the skills and knowledge they would need to participate in the festival.

When asked about her experience at the workshop, Sr Shanti Fernandes expressed that the sessions stimulated imaginative thinking and team work. She was taken up by the animation of Mr Fernandes who came across more as a friend than a lecturer. Clinton Kerketta, an aspiring YouTuber from Resurrection Parish, Virar, remarked that it was good to learn things ‘the right way’, and that the sessions would go a long way into helping him as a content creator. He also looks forward to imparting this newfound knowledge with the youth in his parish.