BIS #6775 General Councillor for SocCom at DBYC

By Cl. Ian Pinto for BISMumbai

The community of Don Bosco Youth Centre (DBYC), Pune, along with some collaborators and beneficiaries, eagerly awaited the visit of Fr Gildasio Mendes, the General Councillor for Social Communication, on August 23. The excitement was palpable as the welcoming party, dressed in traditional Indian attire, gathered themselves and their paraphernalia to ensure a hearty welcome.

On arriving, Fr Mendes met with the Salesian Catechetical team. The director of the Catechetical Centre, Fr Osborn Furtado, presented a brief report on the structure, composition and activities of the Centre. Thereafter, Fr Ian Doulton, the Rector, introduced him to the project undertaken by the house, namely, the publication of a book for youth by a young person, Ms Anastasia Rose Dias. He outlined the ideas behind the book and its publication, while also showing two of the videos prepared to promote the book and discuss its contents. Fr Mendes was very impressed with the work carried out in the Centre and appreciated especially, the presence of women and qualified personnel. He addressed the team, reminding them of the importance of the catechetical ministry and pointed out how it was the foundation of Don Bosco’s work. He encouraged them to continue being effective trainers and mentors to the catechists and young people of the diocese.

Fr Mendes addressed the Salesian community of DBYC. He shared with them a few thoughts regarding the study of theology, the necessity of continuous and serious study, the importance of good communication and on becoming artists. It appears that Fr Mendes is quite fascinated with the world of art. He tried to explain how social communication basically flourishes through the presentation of art in various forms. He encouraged the young brothers to hone their artistic skills and to use the means of social communication to express their art and reach out to young people.

The brothers staged a short family circle in his honour in which they performed a band piece ‘Cadiza za’, and read an address. Fr Doulton, accompanied by Cl. Ian Pinto, performed two instrumental pieces to top off the short program. After dinner, Fr Mendes gave a good night talk in which he thanked the community for their hospitality and the work carried out, especially that of formation.

The following morning, he presided over the community Eucharist and reflected briefly on the gospel of the day. Immediately after mass, the community bid farewell to Fr Mendes who left for Mumbai via. Don Bosco, Lonavla.