BIS #6610 Amrutdhara Prison Lenten Mission 2022

by Father Ashwin Macwan for BISMumbai

AmrutDhara Don Bosco Kapadvanj in collaboration with Prison Ministry India [PMI] Organized 01-day Lenten Programme for 350 prisoners of Godhra Sub-Jail Gujarat on Saturday 09 April 2022, with the help of Prison Ministry Team of Holy Cross Church Kathlal Parish, coordinated by Father Ashwin Macwan and LDFX nun Sister Fulmani, State Coordinator of PMI.

Lent is a time of conversion. The purpose of this visit in prison is to spread awareness among the prisoner brothers and sisters about the life values of Jesus Christ such as Love, compassion and forgiveness. At the beginning of the program, the team was given warm welcome by Superintendent Mr. Rathwa on behalf of police staff and the prisoners present there.

Father Macwan conducted interfaith prayer service. Sister Fulmani gave outline of the programme. An understanding of the Lenten season, showing the journey of Lord Jesus to Calvary through a beautiful audio video presentation, was followed by the way of the cross in the form of a play with a message that Christ dies on the cross to free us from our sins, which was watched devoutly by all the prison inmates.. This was followed by a game of housie, and the winners were given prizes.

At the end all the inmates were given a gift which they can use in the prison. All the youngsters and people who put up this small programme were also grateful for getting this opportunity of proclaiming Christ to and with the prison inmates. Father Macwan thanked the police staff for giving the permission to put up this Lenten programme in the prison. premises.