BIS #6180 St. Dominic Savio High School Andheri online staff 'retreat'

by Valerie D'Silva for BISMumbai as forwarded by Father Brian Moras

The pandemic is helping all of us understand that we have the capacity to adapt. Keeping this in mind, St. Dominic Savio High School Andheri has adapted to ensure academic, emotional and physical development and stayed on course. However, it was also very important to have the teachers spiritually and mentality rejuvenated. As a part of this understanding, the staff of St. Dominic Savio High School Andheri had their retreat of 1.5-hours online, on 05 October 2020.

A short session of yoga was taken by Alex, a member of the faculty. This set the stage for the retreat. The staff was happy to have Father Glenford Lowe, their very own ex-student to facilitate their journey of reflection. The retreat was themed 'Relationships and Family Fatigue in COVID Unlock Times' Through well laid out slides, teachers were taken through a journey of self-introspection, seeking meaning of life, being grateful to God, going beyond living the mere 10 commandments by creating commitments and having intimate relationships with God, others and self.

In their feedback, the teachers were very appreciative of the opportunity they were given to pause and reflect. They found the retreat calming, relaxing and relevant to their lives. The 1.5 hours session concluded with a vote of thanks, with the teachers having several points to cogitate and implement it in their lives.