BIS #6490 World Mental Health Day at Snehalaya

by Father Bosco Carvalho for BISMumbai

In preparation for World Mental Health Day celebrated on 10 October, 2021, Smt. Shruti Dave Singh took a session for Juniors, Inters and Seniors on Mental Health on 09 October 2021. In her session, she highlighted the need to take care of one's mental health. The effects and symptoms are not easily seen and very often it renders a person sad and frustrated. Mental issues are deeply connected to our behavior which could be normal or abnormal. She gave a variety of examples of such behaviours. The boys learnt ways and means to enhance their mental capacities through meditation, silence and focusing exercises. She also responded to their questions and clarified their doubts related to the given topic.

The boys later participated in a Poster Competition on Mental Health. Students of the Child Friendly Vadodara group and Roshni Project group also participated in this competition. The children highlighted different aspects of mental health through their drawings.

Singh invited a resource person to take a session for our kids on 10 October 2021. Yogesh Raval, an Educationist and Mind coach, spoke about the miracle of the human body and working of the different organs of the body. He made the students chant the first sound of the universe - aum - in order to refresh the mind. Besides explaining that health is the best asset of a person, he spoke about the power of the mind. Refering to Rhonda Bryne's inspirational entitled Magic, he motivated the children to take their lives in their own hands. He urged the students to be grateful to God and people for everything rather than complaining. The use of the magic word THANK YOU does magic in life.

The children enjoyed this session on enhancing mental health. They thanked Singh and Raval for the enriching talk. Vicky Parade, a class 07 student, thanked Raval for helping them think big and do big. The children resolved to make the best of their lives using their mental capacities to the full.