BIS #7180 Faith Formation Camp at AmrutDhara

By Cl. Raju More for BISMumbai

AmrutDhara Don Bosco, Kapadvanj, hosted a transformative three-day Faith Formation Camp from 27 to 30 April 2024. The event, themed ‘Jesus is my Light and Salvation’, drew over 100 Catholic children seeking spiritual enrichment. 

The camp commenced on 27 April with Fr Ashwin Macwan, the Director, welcoming everyone and explaining the purpose of hosting the camp. A captivating Katha, expertly delivered by Mr Felix Macwan and his team from C.T.M Parish, Ahmedabad, accompanied by soul-stirring bhajan set the right tone for the camp.

On 28 April the day began with morning meditation with Bible sharing. Volunteers and brothers dedicated their efforts to ensure the children remained enthusiastic participants throughout the day. During the day children eagerly immersed themselves in various activities, showcasing their boundless energy and enthusiasm. Fr Dinesh Macwan, a missionary in Australia, presided over the Eucharistic celebration.  After the Eucharistic Celebration, Fr Ashwin Macwan felicitated Fr Dinesh Macwan, expressing gratitude for his invaluable contribution. A shawl and a token of love were bestowed upon Fr Dinesh Macwan, symbolising the deep appreciation and affection of the community. ‘An Evening with Jesus’ was animated through different games and activities on the life of Jesus in which the children actively participated with unwavering devotion.

On 29 April, a solemn Eucharistic celebration led by Bishop Rathna Swamy of the Diocese of Ahmedabad, accompanied by many other priests from the neighbouring Salesian community. After the mass, the Rectors of the communities of Kapadvanj and Dakor - Frs Pratap Damor and Pravin Makwana, felicitated the Bishop while the children had a short presentation about the camp to the Bishop. Later that evening, there was Camp Fire with a Talent Show conducted.

On the last day of the camp, Fr Ashwin Macwan celebrated the Eucharist in which he prayed for all those instrumental in organising this camp. He thanked the SYM volunteers, brothers, and lay animators for their contributions. As participants departed, they carried with them not only cherished memories but also a strengthened resolve to walk the path illuminated by the guiding light of Jesus Christ.