BIS #6236 St. Joseph's Wadala makes 'Don Bosco' part of RewirEdX, looking to RewirEd Summit 2021,

by Placida deSequeira Nazareth for BISMumbai

St. Joseph's High School Wadala-Mumbai Principal and Headmistress Sangita Bhattacharya, was invited to be part of the 20-panel RewirEdX, a global platform to rewire education for a prosperous and sustainable future. Individuals were given the opportunity to narrate their journey, in becoming relevant educationists during the pandemic, from which a few are also eligible to be selected as participants in the RewirEd Summit, at Expo2020 Dubai in December 2021.

RewirEdX is a virtual conference that serves as a 1-year countdown to RewirEd Summit, a flagship 3-day global education summit bringing together key stakeholders from around the world, to collectively tackle educational challenges by exploring entirely new approaches as well as offering participants a unique opportunity to agree on a shared vision and concrete action.

Bhattacharya proudly expressed her Don Bosco identity as she spoke about the challenges that she faced as a school leader while the school transited into the virtual mode. She expressed her gratitude to the past pupils for hand holding the school in the new arena of online teaching. She also narrated how regular interaction with stakeholders and experts helped solve many issues like ration for the needy families, tabs for the students, laptops for teachers, salary for the teachers, and the like. She also expressed her gratitude to "Alokit", a training organization for school leaders, for their insightful resources and strategies which helped St. Joseph's become relevant online. She acknowledged the impetus given by them in the new initiatives under the title of Missions - FLY (Foundational Literacy and You), Memory, Coding, YES (Young Enthusiastic Scientists), etc. She emphasized being different and offering something unique during these unprecedented times - blending learning, emotional

workshop, excellence programme, parenting programme, etc., saying, "Do all that you can and something more for the betterment of quality education."

A proud day for all Josephites, as Bhattacharya contributed her ideas and ideals for the betterment of educational systems at the global forum.