BIS #6845 Personality Development Programmes in Nandurbar

By Fr Ajay D’Monte for BISMumbai

Personality Development Programs were conducted in five Ashram Shalas by the Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) from 21 to 25 November 2022 in the Dhadgaon block of the Nandurbar district. Dhadgaon has over twenty-five Ashram Shalas for the students from Classes 1 to 12. The BGVK has selected fifteen out of these Ashram Shalas, to conduct such programs. So far, the BGVK has completed Personality Development Programs in five Ashram Shalas.

Dhadgaon is one of the remotest blocks of Nandurbar district with a 100% tribal population. Therefore, BGVK is trying to reach out to the youth in all the Ashram Shalas in order to inform them about various career opportunities and guide them to make an informed decision about their career. These programs are concrete interventions into the life of the poor and marginalized youth of of Nandurbar.

Mr Juran Lopes, a celebrated Street Play Artist, along with Fr George D’Abreo, and Mr Arjun Sharnagate (BGVK Staff) were the resource persons for the program. The program is divided into two phases – personality development and career guidance. The second phase on career guidance has been scheduled for January. These series of programs are conducted with the aim to help students boost their confidence and make right choices for their future career.

The program on Personality Development focused on improving self-awareness, self-confidence, willpower, positive thinking, communication skills. The SWOT analysis was also taught to the students to equip them with strategies to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and thus undertake effective decision-making processes.

All the sessions were participatory in nature and consisted of group activities, group presentations, action songs, games etc. The students were very appreciative of the program, as well as the headmasters and teachers. Mr Patil, the headmaster of Asli Government Ashram Shala also appreciated the efforts put in by BGVK. He was of the opinion that as these programs are of extreme importance for the children and their future, they must be organized on a regular basis. Mrs Gavit, the head mistress of Kakarda Government Ashram Shala said that the program boosted the level of confidence of the students and that such programs should be organized for all the classes. The next round of Personality Development Programs, for the remaining ten Ashram Shalas, will be held in December.