BIS #6301 Don Bosco Lonavla February 2021 social outreach

by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Lonavla continued to make remarkable progress in the social outreach to its adopted villages during the month of February 2021.

Education on different aspects were imparted in the 03 villages. Sessions on maintaining cleanliness were conducted, with explanation and guidance on how to keep the house and the surroundings clean. Social outreach staff-Sonali and Ravi Shelke, guided the children as they went about cleaning their surroundings. Basic English and Mathematics were also taught. Some entertainment was also arranged with Marathi action songs and games. In Vaksai village, the staff of MannShakti conducted prayers and games for the children daily. The women attending the tailoring classes are making rapid progress.

Further inroads were made with the Government scheme of allotting houses to the homeless. With the help of the MLA and the Gram Panchayat, a survey was conducted and the process for seeking houses for homeless families is ongoing. On the medical front, children below 05 ,in all the three villages, received the polio vaccine. The staff of MannShakti also conducted a medical camp to check the general health of adults and children. Many children had skin infection and the team of doctors provided the required medication post-checkup.

The government staff paid a monthly visit to check on women who are pregnant. The names of the women were registered in the government hospital so that when their delivery date is due, the hospital will be able to send a vehicle for their conveyance, also ensure delivery and post-delivery aftercare. All these facilities will be provided free of charge. The social outreach staff also ensured that the provision of nourishing food for the children aged 03 - 05 was made available by the government staff.

Don Bosco Lonavla continues to assist the 03 adopt villages, reaching out to many who are in need of support and assistance.