BIS #6575 SYM Borivli celebrates Don Bosco

by Drushti Bhosle for BISMumbai

Don Bosco often said, “It is enough that you are young, for me to love you very much.” Don Bosco loved and cared for the young and so to celebrate this great Saint, the Salesian Youth Movement, Borivali had organized a day of togetherness, pomp and splendour for the youngsters of the SYM on Sunday 30 January 2022 in the premises of Don Bosco High School, Borivali (West).

The day began with a well animated Youth Mass celebrated by Father Solomon Rapol. A lively interactive set of fun activities was animated by the Youth Director, Father Glenford Lowe. The youth were divided into four teams and each team had a captain to take charge. There were group activities and quizes on Don Bosco which helped the youth to learn more about Don Bosco in a fun and exciting way.

The youth then enjoyed a sumptuous lunch. Post lunch, a session on ‘Making Choices in Life’ was conducted by Father Renold Lemos. He conducted a group activity where the groups were asked to select 5 choices from a given case study. He then reflected together with the youth on the many choices we are called to make. This session enlightened the youth and gave them a sense of understanding on how to focus on the choices in life. Father Lemos then concluded with a fun activity at an individual level.

The final session was conducted by Durran D’Mello, President DBYM–Borivli. He focused on ‘Understanding the causes or concerns that youth undergo and how could they improve or move forward in life.’ This was an impactful session. It helped one and all to consider and understand the need to give importance to the things that matter the most in life. The SYM members then headed for some refreshments and games. The day was concluded by giving away prizes to all the participants and the group winners along with souvenirs of Don Bosco. The vote of thanks was proposed by Vania Rebello.

One who wants to be loved must show that one loves the Don Bosco Way. May the youth know that they are loved dearly each and everyday and may the continue to live in the Bosco spirit, the Salesian way.

It was an entire day celebrated in a fun, educative and exciting way for all youngsters of the SYM. Viva Don Bosco.