BIS #7138 VEP Day at DB Kawant

By Cl. Alan Manuel for BISMumbai

The Village Education Program (VEP) Day held at Don Bosco, Kawant, on 28 January 2024 was a remarkable event that brought together 560 children from 18 different villages. 

The event was organised by the Salesians and the staff of DISHA (Development Works department) to create a memorable day for the children. This programme aimed to provide exposure for village children, serving as a platform for them to interact with peers from various villages. 

Dr Bharat Rathwa, a well-known alumnus of Don Bosco, Kawant, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Dr Rathwa, now a notable figure in his field, expressed profound appreciation for the tireless efforts of the Salesians in organising such a mega event. His presence added prestige to the programme and inspired young minds. 

The programme began at 9:30 a.m., and there were many activities organised to keep the participants engaged until the evening. The day began with breakfast for the children and an inaugural ceremony, which also included a prayer service. The Chief Guest shared his thoughts and experiences, motivating the children to strive for excellence. After the inauguration, it was time for a series of games organised by Cl. Alan Manuel that entertained the children and promoted teamwork and competition. The boarding students helped in organising and facilitating these games, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day. 

The event also consisted of cultural performances that showcased the diverse talents of the children. Dance and other artistic expressions provided a platform for the children to display their skills, fostering a sense of cultural exchange among the villages. Awards were given to the best VEP centre, the centre with the highest attendance, and  for other activities. The Chief Guest also added Rupees 1000 each as a token of his appreciation for the awardees. The programme concluded with a ceremony where Fr Mayank Parmar, the Rector, encouraged them to carry the spirit of unity and learning back to their respective villages. 

The VEP Day 2023-2024 was undeniably a huge success, thanks to the meticulous planning and dedicated efforts of the Salesians, DISHA development staff, and the volunteers involved.