BIS #6191 BSVS Walvanda aids young farmers

by Father Johnson Kshirsagar for BISMumbai

Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha (BSVS) Walvanda facilitated the purchase and distribution of 150 bundles of galvanized iron fencing nets to 20 young farmers, to fence their farm periphery from intruding cattle and goats.

Rainfed agriculture is the practice of this area. After harvesting the monsoon crops, the farm is made available for loose-grazing. Due to the menace of the grazing animals, second-crop cultivation is a rare option. Anyone wanting to cultivate a second crop is solely respobsible to arrange for farm protection from the grazing beasts.

Despite the intervention of BSVS through construction of several check dams, open wells and borewells for irrigation, farmers were hesitant to cultivate a second crop. Farmers with irrigation facilities were motivated by the BSVS to fence at least 01 acre of land for tge purpose of a second crop, especially vegetable cultivation.

BSVS Director Father Anaclete D’Mello, along with Fathers Monty Rodrigues and Johnson Kshirsagar planned and executed this project. Natural Farming Project Officer Ravi Bhasra, provided field level support such as contacting the young farmers, assessing their requirements, procurement and distribution of the fencing nets. The young farmers are optimistic and eager to implement this project. They have already begun preparations for second-crop cultivation of various vegetables through organic natural farming methods.