by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

A workshop on 'Setting Goals and Working Smart’ was conducted by Wilson Crawford for the boys of Don Bosco Lonavla on 18-19 January 2020.

Crawford, an Indian, who works in Kuwait has conducted similar and related workshops in the Gulf, Europe, Canada and USA. He began the session by emphasizing the need to set goals and to work smart to achieve them. He dwelt on how we come across people who work very hard but their hard work does not yield any result, the reason hard work, but not smart work methods. hey work hard but are not sharp or smart.

The students were then introduced to the concept of the Subconscious Mind,that is like a genie which awakens when the mind, which is a lamp is tapped correctly. He also elaborated on the means to achieve success and happiness. "It is important to say No to those things which do not lead us to our goals and it is highly advantageous to have a mentor," said Crawford. Students were asked to list their heroes and the qualities they could emulate.

The concept of the 'vision board' which is a pictorial document of one's goals. The students then prepared their vision board enthusiastically with the pictures they were provided with. Introducing the significance of 'alpha state', Crawford used Biblical references to drive home his point. His demonstration of the power of the subconscious mind by using 'magnetism demo' and 'lifting demo' left the boys stunned, with all of them eager to witness more stunning feats.

Alden Gonsalves, a Std. 11 boarder said, “It was a wonderful session and it helped me to decide on my career. It really helped me because I was confused and now things are clearer.” Rex Menezes, a Std. IX student exclaimed, “this is the best seminar I have ever attended. It was marvelous. Now I have discovered who I am and I thank sir for it. I ask God to bless him.”