BIS #6549 LSK Chhotaudepur & Care India provide small rice mill

by Cleric Sanket Chauhan & Father Jerome Aruldass fro BISMumbai

Lok Seva Kendra [LSK] Chhotaudepur in collaboration with Care India NGO provided to Divya Self Help Group small rice mill machine on 11 December 2021. The president Smt. Leela Maheshbhai and vice president Smt. Sudha Dineshbhai of the Divya Self Help Group (Gelvant) were welcomed and given the small rice mill machine on behalf of the 16 women of their self help group. This machine will sustain them in their farm work. Care India has also promised a flour machine in Ambala.

Small rice milling line is professional equipment for paddy rice processing. This small complete rice mill plant can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process. Paddy goes into machine in a process to produce standard rice. This machine can produce white rice 10-20 ton a day. It is equipped with automatic feeding device, cleaning sieve, iron roller paddy husker, husk separation, gravity sieve for paddy and brown rice separating, broken rice grading and electrical control cabinet. The capacity of the single machine can be customized according to farmers’ special requirements. So it’s the most ideal paddy processing machine for grain distributing station, small rice processing factory, rice supply center, mountainous area, farm as well as self-employees. It uses three phase electric motor as power and the output can range from 800-1000 kg. This small rice milling has a beautiful look and compact structure with high ratio of rice, less broken rice, low power consumption and easy processing. The rice milling unit uses less power consumption. It is a complete rice milling equipment where arrangement is compact and reasonable. It’s convenient to operate, maintain and save workshop space.

Care India has promised to provide such different machines for income generation to the various SHG’s of LSK Chhotaudepur.