BIS #6658 World Yoga Day at DB Nerul

By Fr Akhil Abraham for BISMumbai

International Day of Yoga was celebrated by students at Don Bosco School, Nerul, on 21 June 2022 to create an awareness of the benefits of practising yoga asanas.

In the primary section, the programme began with prayer followed by a message about this year’s theme ‘Yoga for Humanity’ given by the Headmistress Jyotsna D’Souza. The students learnt the benefits of Yoga through a video.

The programme then continued by a few breathing exercises, followed by the asanas demonstrated by the two student volunteers along with Tr Smita and Tr Ivy. The asanas were then completed with some relaxing Pranayams which were timed with soothing music. Tr Kanchan and Jivika demonstrated yoga asanas to students of classes six to eight. A quiz to identify yoga exercises was conducted.

Students of the Senior section performed a Street Play - ‘Yoga Every day for Everyone’ promoting the theme ‘Yoga for Humanity’. The performance delivered the message: Let's be the change in order to create a healthy and positive society.

The students of the Senior Secondary section were reminded about the importance of yoga in training the mind and body. Various asanas like sukhasan, vajrasan, parvathasan, tadasan, vrukshasan and trikonasan were performed in unison .

The programme thus helped the students realise that yoga should be a part of their daily life.