BIS #6811 Christ-Chitti-Chit-Chat at DB Makarpura

By Fr Jerome Edison for BISMumbai

On 9 and 10 October 2022, Don Bosco Parish, Makarpura, organised a Catholic Youth Mahotsav (festival) for the parishes of Baroda diocese. It was a flagship initiative by the youth of the parish on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Don Bosco, Makarpura. A total of 230 young people from 24 Parishes of the Diocese of Baroda participated in the fest despite heavy rain.

The theme of the Yuva Mahotsav was ‘Postbox: Christ-Chitti-Chit-Chat’. This theme enabled the youth to discuss themes related to nation building, financial planning, stress management, and love and relationships. On the first day, 9 October, the youth were divided in groups with ice breakers to interact with each other and participate well in the sessions.

In her session on ‘Stress Management’, Ms Shinu Jose explained the ways to handle stress and de-stress with a mind of Christ. The topic of financial planning was elucidated by Mr Shailesh Parmar who highlighted the various expenses done at unnecessary things that can be saved, invested in different sources to create income and help one to become financially independent. The session on ‘Nation Building’ was addressed by Fr Mayank Parmar with creative case studies. He stressed how our nation is built extensively through a young person’s constructive contribution as a citizen of the country. Ms Shobhana Parmar, in her interaction with the young, described openly about her personal life on love and relationship, declaring what had been the repercussions on her health and relationships.

All these sessions were given with a touch of Christ’s teaching and example so as to understand how the youth could learn to address these issues as Jesus himself would have faced them. These sessions were conducted on both the days of Youth Fest.

The much popular band from Mumbai, Echoes of Zion, lifted up the youth with their soul-filling music and created an atmosphere of prayer through their devotional English and Hindi songs. Under the guidance of Fr McEnroe Lopes, their animator, they led a praise and worship on the first day and accompanied the Holy Eucharist the next day.

After a brief evaluation, the grand Youth Mahotsav came to a splendid culmination on 10 October. Everyone was in awe at the splendid organisation done by the youth of Don Bosco, Makarpura.