by Father Xavier Bandya for BISMumbai

With the situation of COVID-19, the core team of St. Michael Youth Group Suket came up with the idea to have an online dance competition from 22-26 July 2020 for the catechism students of St. Michael Parish Church.

The dances would be in solo and duet only. Many of the catechism students lack space and facility (smartphones) and there are many other disturbances around to record their dances. Therefore, the youth decided to provide the space in one of the school classrooms and record the dances. The YouTube Channel would be created and such online activities would be shared for the people. For the online dance competition, the youth group kept in mind the safety of the students during the pandemic. They decided to call the students individually at a particular date and time between 22-26 July. The participants are given the choice to come in their own costumes and record their dances.

On 22 July, 05 solo dances were recorded, with the other dances soon to be recorded. After recording all the dances, these will be edited and presented on YouTube in the coming days. The link of the channel would be shared soon to all the participants and parishioners to enjoy the event. The prizes for the dances will be declared and be given soon after the recording of all the dances.