BIS #6276 Don Bosco Nerul launches 'web radio'

by Joyce D’Mello Fernandes for BISMumbai

The brain-child of Rector-Father Barnabe D’souza, Don Bosco Nerul Web Radio was launched on 29 January 2021, on the occasion of the Feast of Don Bosco. The inaugural broadcast was launched by Principal-Father Blaise Fernandes., who encouraged the teachers and staff to use this medium to the optimum.

The programme comprised of a delightful blend of entertainment and school news, with a round-up of school news for the month. A melodious hymn, ‘Father of many youngsters’; the winning entry in Marathi of the NMMC short film competition-'My family, my responsibility'; winning essay in Hindi from the Heartfulness Essay Competition; a delightful performance of the skit, ‘Don Bosco loves me the most’, and an an inspiring speech on Don Bosco made up the programme schedule.

The RJs - Jessica and Kashvi sais, "Being an RJ was fun and at the same time a big responsibility, as our facial expressions couldn't be seen but they needed to be heard in our voice which was new. It was a fun and unique experience which allowed us to step into the shoes of a RJ. Thanks to Joyce ma’am who taught us the skill of channelling emotions through voice, in a way that the audience can also feel the emotion behind the words.”

With the blessing of Don Bosco, this Radio venture hopes to inspire, educate and entertain Boscoites – past, present and future.