BIS #7087 DBGYFF Screening Held at DB Kurla

By Mr Naythan Pereira for BISMumbai

Don Bosco College, Kurla, organised the screening of the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival Season 2 on 13 and 14 October 2023. Despite the half-yearly examinations scheduled during the week in Mumbai, approximately 1,500 students from schools and colleges around Kurla attended these screenings.

The screening of the films was inaugurated on the morning of 13 October in the presence of the Management, Heads of Departments, staff and around 400 students from the schools in the vicinity. During the inaugural programme, the Chief Guest, Fr Peter Gonsalves, spoke about the transforming power of films and how they are made so easily accessible through modern means of communication. The Guest of Honour, Fr Ashley Miranda - Vice-Provincial of the Salesian Province of Bombay, spoke about the situation of conflict between Israel and Palestine, Russia and Ukraine, in Manipur, and other areas of the world that people are unaware of. He said that the film festival was a wonderful initiative to bring young minds together to spread the message of peace, solidarity and love.

The screenings were a major hit with the audience. The organisers carefully curated the films to be screened at each slot, keeping in mind the audience's age group and ensuring that films from each continent were represented. This gave the screening a global spirit, wherein the audience was treated to the various cultures of the world. It was heartening to note while watching the various films that, despite the diversity in cultures, human relations are so similar.

Discussions were held with the audience, and it was apparent from their enthusiasm and prompt responses that they enjoyed their time at the screening while appreciating the efforts of young filmmakers in bringing out the theme of the festival, ‘Love Builds Peace and Solidarity’ through the festival.

The Department of Mass Media (DOMM) at Don Bosco College, Kurla, worked tirelessly for the professional and successful organisation of the event. They visited the schools and colleges around them, inviting students to the festival. Ms Shamali Gupta, the Head of the Department, commended the efforts put in by her staff and students, saying, “They have put in hours of planning... Without their help, it would not be possible to organise an event of this magnitude.”

Out of the 52 films shortlisted for screenings, 11 were from India and four were from the Province of Bombay (INB). Moreover, at the South Asia Regional Level, INB bagged 5 out of the 10 prizes for the Regional Bests. Ms Gyapti Jain, Production Coordinator of 'Muskurahatein', one of the award-winning regional films, said, “We feel celebrated and acknowledged for all the hard work and dedication we all put in for the film. This song is a classic and the need of the hour, and we are so proud to have been able to materialise it into something everyone could enjoy, and, most of all, relate to.”