BIS #6357 COVID-19 relief outreach continues at Alirajpur

by Father Charlin Chandran for BISMumbai

The social development team at Don Bosco Alirajpur headed by Father Pratap Damor went around the villages in Alirajpur distributing masks and sanitizers on 15 June 2021.

Dr. Bhavesh Shah and Shri Joshi from the Alirajpur District Government Hospital oriented the local citzenry of the benefits of vaccination with valuable statistical-data presentation and discussions. They then initiated the relief outreach initiative. Father Damor and his team of 22 village animators distributed 1250 masks and sanitizers in the immediate vicinity and in the adjoining villages.

This relief outreach initiative was made possible through the MumbaiSalesians' PDO [Province Planning & Development Office] - Don Bosco Development Society, and through Father Mayank Parmar-Regional Social Development Coordinator, who personally handed over the relief-kits to Don Bosco Alirajpur. The actualising logistics were organised with the aim of reaching the unreached tribal people in the villages of Alirajpur.