By Father Renold Lemos for BIS Mumbai

We all give praises and thanks to our doctors, policemen, government workers and other social activists for being the warriors in protecting the people around from the deadly pandemic. However, the list is incomplete without Mummy & Daddy. Even in such a situation, it is our parents who are keeping us safe from the dreadful virus and giving us the best they can. On 26 July , the Church celebrated the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Every year, this day is celebrated with a lot of joy and cheer at St. John Bosco Parish Church Borivali. However, being aware of the seriousness of the present pandemic, organizing such a celebration for the parents was not viable. But, the youth group didn’t sit back. In spite of this vulnerable situation, they decided to do something special to make the parents feel proud.

“No pandemic can stop us from appreciating the selfless deeds that our parents do for us. We will do something creative to get our community active and spread love,” said Durran D’mello- President Don Bosco Youth Movement Borivali. Enthused by the love for the parents, the youth of the parish came up with the theme - Haath to He'ART'. Explaining the theme D’mello said," our parents hold our hands in all situations of life and they love us with all their heart." This materialised through an art competition. There were 03 categories – juniors, seniors and open. Participants had to register themselves online, prepare a greeting card for their parents wishing them ‘Happy Parents Day.’ The cards were then sent to the organizing committee via email and were evaluated by local Social Communication Delegate Father Jesu Robinson, and Youth Delegate Father Renold Lemos.

This was the 1st time an online competition was held and it was heartening to see that there were a total of 60 participants. The winners in each category were given a gift hamper. Father Lemos along with a few youth members of the organizing committee went to their buildings, called them down and presented the gifts, following all precautions.In moments of despair, this competition aided in getting the creativity out of the young and also gave an opportunity to make the parents feel special.