BIS #6211 DRISTI Kapadvanj 'interest-on-savings Diwali bonus' for SHG

by Father Mayank Parmar for BISMumbai

Gajanand SHG of Vadia na Kuva is 08 km from Kapadvanj Block. This self-help group was formed on 28 January 2013 by Jayshreeben of cherished memory, with the help of Kamlaben-President Nilakanth SHG, of the same village. In an anticipated Diwali celebration on 09 November 2020, the SHG distributed its interest on savings accumulated over the last 07 years.

Under the leadership of Kaliben, 11 committed, dedicated and determined members, although unlettered, overcame financial difficulties and understanding of bank transactions, with the help of DRISTI, to help themselves and their falia. These gritty women proposed construction of a road and installation of street-lamps through the Gram Sabha and now reap the benefits of their initiative.

Most women applied for loans from the SHG and utilized the amount for livelihood purposes. Chandaben took loans twice and purchased a buffalo. Sheetaben, Leelaben, Suriyaben and Nandaben each purchased cows and earned sustainable incomes for their respective households. Suriyaben also procured an auto-rickshaw for her husband, thus substantially increasing her family income. The women also managed house repairs, marriage-ceremonies, and cleared debts owed to money-lenders over the years.

DRISTI Director Father Mayank Parmar with Programme Officer Shailesh Parmar and SHG Coordinator Mahendra Macwan participated in the interest distribution ceremony. On a total savings amount of Rs. 99,500, an interest of Rs. 51,633 was obtained through these years. Each of the members received an interest of Rs. 4791 on their individual savings of Rs. 9300 over these years. The SHG is as eager and committed to continue the practice of savings, for future exigencies. Tea and snacks for all made it a worthwhile 'Diwali bonus'.