by BISMumbai Correspondent

The Salesians at Don Bosco Provincial House participated in a 03-hour spiritual evening as part of the monthly recollection animated by Mumbai Salesians' Vice-Provincial Father Ashley Miranda. Dividing the animation into 03 parts with specific moments for viewing of videos and personal reflection, Father Miranda dwelt on the theme, 'Rediscovering Myself Anew in My Relationship with God'.

Using video clips featuring the Dutch-born Catholic priest, professor, pastor,and internationally renowned author of spiritual classics, Henri Nouwen, Father Miranda began with a projection of Being the Beloved. Thereafter, the confreres were allowed a moment of silent personal reflection, returning back for Becoming the Beloved, which was again followed by a moment of silent personal reflection, after which the confreres returned again to be animated on Listen to the Beloved.

Father Miranda said, "these 03 talks could be considered as the entire summary of our Christian life, Salesian life and religious life." The entire concept of 'claim that one is taken, knowing that one is blessed, acknowledging that one is broken, and submit to being given', helps every Christian to ask pertinent questions about self, relationship with others and God. Nouwen's sermons based on his best-seller Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World were originally delivered in 1992, at the Crystal Cathedral of the Reformed Church of America were televised on Robert Schuller's 'The Hour of Power'.

Reflecting on "the unfathomable mystery of God as a Lover who wants to be loved," and consequently pondering "everything in life becomes an expression of the divine," the confreres contemplated "Do you love me?," before concluding the evening of prayer, reflection and introspection with the Eucharistic Adoration.

The entire video 'Life of the Beloved', is accessible here -