BIS #7068 Redefining Lifestyle for Success at DBHS Matunga

By Ms Daksha Tandel for BISMumbai

A seminar titled 'Redefining Lifestyle for Health and Success' was conducted at Don Bosco High School, Matunga, for its Grade 10 students on 14 September 2023. 

The seminar featured sessions by two prominent speakers, Mr Rajesh Narayan and Ms Tejal Shah, both experienced yoga instructors. This was followed by a session led by Mr Deepak Talreja, an income tax officer and Certified Spiritual Counsellor, Meditation Trainer, and Healer. 

The aim of the programme was to introduce the students to the immense health benefits of Yoga as an art of living and motivate them to incorporate these practices to be able to live fulfilling lives. The focus was therefore on mental and physical well-being.

Mr Narayan began by describing asanas as ‘poetry in movement’, emphasising the beauty and significance of yoga postures. The students were introduced to various asanas, including Padmasan, Vajrasan, Bhujangasan, and Manjarasan. These were aimed at improving body posture, spinal health, and concentration. Mr Narayan encouraged the students to recognise and strengthen their unique skills and stressed the importance of tapping into one's abilities to achieve success in life. 

During the second part of the seminar, Mr Deepak Talreja, explored the holistic aspects of success and well-being. He discussed the connection between yoga and the five elements of nature and explained how aligning with these elements positively impacts our physical and mental health. Emphasising the power of thoughts, he said, "You are what you think". He then shed light on the importance of healthy habits and highlighted the common obstacles to achieving success, such as distraction and procrastination. Mr Talreja discussed how meditation can enlighten the brain, energise the body, brighten the aura, and empower individuals in their pursuits.

One of the students, Ayaan Khan, said, “The session allowed us to engage in mind-calming activities. A comparative study of a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle was conducted.”  Rudra Shetye said, “We students received valuable insights on how to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit. Such sessions are of great help in dealing with stress, difficulties and other problems.”