BIS #6482 Don Bosco Alirajpur Pisciculture ventures

by Father Charlin Chandran for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Alirajpur social development centre has been offering its services to the neighbouring villages of Alirajpur by way of training programmes and basic essentials to help them support themselves.

Father Pratap Damor, coordinator of the social development, ventured into pisciculture, to help the farmers have an additional source of income. Shri Kailash, the resource person, gave a short orientation to the farmers for achieving better results. Each packet of fish was subsidized to Rs 250/- for the benefit of the farmers.

Rector-Father Cyril D’Souza supported and endorsed the undertaking of providing 100 packets of fishes, (Katla, Komanker, Rohu, and Naren) for the well-being of the farmers.