BIS #6568 DON BOSCO QUIZ 2021-2022 at Lonavla

by Br. Aliester D'Souza & Priya Shinde for BISMumbai

Since the month of January is dedicated to St John Bosco, a quiz was prepared on his life and work in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Don Bosco, Lonavla. The objective of the quiz was to inform the students about Don Bosco, his life, his work, and his achievements.

Preparation for the quiz began with a meeting with the Principal-Father Ranson D’Souza and teachers in-charge on 10 January 2022. The question bank was prepared and sent to the students on 15 January in preparation for the quiz.

A Google Form was prepared by the teachers in-charge - Br Aliester and Priya Shinde - and a set of 60 questions was finalized. The link for the quiz was sent to William Siddapur on 27 January, and later forwarded to teacher Asha to be sent to all the class Whatsapp groups at 3:00 pm on 28 January.