BIS #6120 Don Bosco Alirajpur 'Wadi Project' with 550 Fruit Saplings for 50 Farmers

by Father Cedrick Sankul for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Alirajpur keeping in mind the rainy season has initiated the 'Wadi Project' reaching out to 50 farmers in 05 different villages distributing 550 fruit saplings along with 'organic manure'. Each farmer has been provided with 09 different fruit saplings [02 Guava, 02 Amla/Indian Gooseberry, 02 Lemon, 02 Jackfruit, 01 Mango] and 04 kilograms of 'organic manure'.

Rector and parish Priest, Father Stanny Ferreira also encouraged the Parish youth to undertake the planting of 35 different types of fruit -saplings at the land in Undhwa. The young people of the parish together with Fathers Pratap Damor and Ferreira planted the fruit-saplings, with the sole purpose, as Father Ferreira says, "to educate our young people to care for and preserve traditional plants, which otherwise are dying off, and to accompany them to become environment-friendly."

The 50 farmers happy to have the different types of fruit-saplings, are to be accompanied through the WhatsApp group with monitoring and dissemination of information through photos, videos, in Hindi related to organic farming. Father Damor is overseeing the entire project.