BIS #7063 DBL Participates in Lonavla Cleanliness Drive

By Ms Qaafiya Syed for BISMumbai

On 16 September 2023, the Lonavla Municipal Corporation (LMC) joined hands with local schools to organise a cleanliness initiative on World Cleanliness Day. This collaborative effort enlisted the enthusiastic participation of the 42 students of Don Bosco High School in Lonavla, specifically those hailing from Grade 10, led by their esteemed class mentors, Ms Sushma Patankar and Ms Vrushali Jadhav.

This effort was aimed at raising awareness of the significance of a clean environment and inspiring people to be actively involved in preserving the cleanliness of their surroundings. People, which included students, teachers, and local residents, congregated early in the morning under the beautiful Sahara Bridge in Lonavla. Eager volunteers, largely students, took to the task of clearing litter from the thoroughfares of Bhushi Gaon. Wearing gloves and armed with garbage bags, they exemplified commitment to both safety and hygiene. A dedicated group of students diligently swept the streets, leaving no room for clutter. One of the students, Master Dev Patel, expressed his happiness in these words: “I felt fulfilled after cleaning the streets, and I look forward to more of these initiatives.” Neel Thule said, "It was a good initiative taken up by the LMC, and I was happy to participate in it.”

Beyond the realm of cleanliness, this event also provided an avenue for the students to unveil their talents and creativity through the medium of street theatre. This segment was artfully designed to captivate the community's imagination while reinforcing the importance of a clean environment. The students crafted informative posters and placards, spotlighting the paramount significance of cleanliness and hygiene. Accompanied by the rhythmic songs of Dhol Tasha Pathak, talented student bands delighted the audience with their musical prowess.

The event, far from being merely a symbolic gesture, stood as a testament to the power of collective action. It not only breathed new life into the streets but also invigorated the students, affording them a platform to showcase their talents and creativity. Events of this nature serve to ignite a sense of deep responsibility towards our environment and nurture a stronger sense of unity within our beloved community. Piyush Pasalkar, the school captain, said, “It was an amazing rally that inspired the patriot in me, highlighting the importance of cleanliness in the city. I'm grateful to the school and the LMC for allowing me to contribute to my town and my nation."