by Brother Allan Netto for BISMumbai

During this COVID-19 pandemic period, from 14 April, the Mumbai Salesians' community at Don Bosco Bhavan, Savedi-Ahmednagar decided to help the parish (urban and rural) community with basic needs.

On 20 April, almost 86 families from the urban set up of the parish were selected by the parish council members of various zones. The supply of food grains was ordered. Few parishioners (council members, youth group members) with the help of the community members took time to pack the food kit for the 86 urban Catholic families of their parish, the packed food kit was then sent to all the 86 families through their parish council members on 21 April.

On 23 April, yet again, foodgrains for 315 families were ordered and packed, the parish council members, youth group members, the teachers and the entire community willingly supported & helped each other with the packing. Madhukar Shirshat, the parish catechist contacted all the members whose names were in the list which was prepared with the help of the village kharbaris, to come and collect their food kit. They managed to distribute the food kits to almost all Catholic families of the villages. On 27 April, the Phardhi community was given a helping hand with 51 food kits. These packets were handed over to Yuvraj Gund-social worker of the Caring Foundation. Thanks to Louis Shelke, Kharat, Raju Tribhuvan, Deepak Dhotre, Kadam Mama, Petras Mama and William Shinde these kits for the Phardhi community were prepared.

The poor families of the villages continued to help. They were very happy to receive their ration during this COVID-19, as they are mostly daily wage earners, and were without any jobs.