BIS #6999 Oratory Talent Show at DB Matunga

By Cl. Melton Suares for BISMumbai

The Don Bosco Oratory at Matunga organised a talent show for the oratory children on 5 August 2023, in the Don Bosco International School. The event not only showcased a vibrant display of the children’s giftedness but also gave them an occasion to express that on a grand stage. It was also a moment of great joy for the parents of the children to witness their performance.

The evening commenced with a grand entrance for the guests of honour, accompanied by several children playing the flute. The guests included Fr Godfrey D'Souza, Fr Augustine Pereira, and five benefactors from Italy. An inspiring opening talk was delivered by Fr George Miranda, the Director of the Oratory, highlighting the importance of nurturing creativity and providing a nurturing environment for young talents to flourish. His words set the tone for the evening, emphasising the significance of celebrating individuality and encouraging the development of skills beyond academics. 

The talent programme featured a diverse range of performances. The children of the oratory exhibited their talents through singing, dancing, reciting shayaris (poetry), performing lezim dance, and enthralling everyone with their flute-playing skills. The performances were a testament to the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of the participants who had been preparing for the event.

The event received a touch of international charm with the presence of the esteemed guests from Italy, who are close collaborators of Auxilium India and support several of the Salesian works in the region of Gujarat. They were enthralled by the performances. Ms Martina Sala, on behalf of the visitors, said, “We didn't feel that we were away from home. You have welcomed us and treated us as your friends. Thank you for everything.”

Ms Celestina Miranda, one of the youth volunteers at the Oratory, was felicitated for her services to the oratory and wished blessings and graces as she pursues her studies. She addressed the students, saying, “To all my lovely students, I had an amazing time with you. All the best for the future. Make yourself and your parents proud.”

Students who had recently completed Grade 10 were given training in basic computer skills and typing. Those students who had successfully completed the course were awarded a certificate for it.

Apart from the remarkable performances, the talent programme brought together the parents, teachers, and Salesians in a spirit of celebration and encouragement for the young children now blossoming at the Oratory.