by Father Mayank Parmar for BISMumbai

The community of Don Bosco Kapadvanj organised its August monthly recollection during the evening hours of Monday 03 with a talk on 'Be you Prophets without fear', by Jesuit Father James Dabhi-Rector Gujarat VidyaDeep.

Father Dabhi who was in Don Bosco Kapadvanj for recording of the episodes on Bible Characters in Gujarati and English, readily agreed to animate the community recollection. After a strenuous day of recording [25 young characters from the Bible-15 from the Old Testament and 10 from the New Testament], he willingly animated the confreres Fathers Ashwin Macwan, Mayank Parmar and Brother Jerome Mendonca. Basing himself on the day's readings, Father Dabhi invited the community to reflect on following the true prophet and be true prophets. In the second point of his reflection he commented on Jesus consoling his disciples by saying 'Fear not, It is I'. He invited the community to always rely on the Lord and do His will without any fear whatsoever but with complete faith and trust in Him.The talk was followed by time for personal prayer and silent adoration. The recollection ended with saying the Vespers in the presence of th Eucharistic Lord.

The following day, Father Dabhi proceeded to finish recording the English version of the Bible characters series. This spiritual project, at Studio Don Bosco Kapadvanj, is part of the 'Education to Faith Dimension' animation on behalf of the MumbaiSalesians' Social Communication Sector. Thanks to Father Dabhi, these 02 tasks were made possible simultaneously.