BIS #6225 08 Don Bosco Naigaon Teachers learn to create educational instructional videos

by Dorothy Fernandes & Father Joaquim Fernandes for BISMumbai

A 20-hour video editing course to create educational instructional videos was conducted for 08 teachers of Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Naigaon (East) Palgar District, Maharashtra from 19–28 November 2020. The course trainer was Father Maria Sagayaraj, former DBICA Chennai Assistant Director, through Google Meet, and facilitated by Father Joaquim Fernandes. The teachers learned to produce instructional videos and create digital stories in online education. Don Bosco Naigaon computer lab assistant Ashok Kumar Karvi, set up the computer-lab and assisted the teachers.

The teachers were trained in understanding video settings, learning the video editing software interface, learning to edit clips and managing the timeline, working with imported graphics, using video effects, using green screen footage, using the warp stabilizer in audio editing and learned to export videos for social media and mobile upload for their e-Learning content..

One of the participating teachers, Preeti Patil, said, “The class provided a solid foundation in the use of this widely-used video editing application. I started learning essential video editing skills, got experience in editing and assembling videos, creating transitions, titles, editing audio, and much more. It made me an effective teacher and I am confident to produce high quality educational instructional videos and integrate embedded annotation for teaching.” Another participant Sylvia Lasrado remarked, “I plan to utilize the video editing course for the Library Management Library Science Class. I am happy that I have learnt something new.” The other teachers echoed similar sentiments and hope to utilize this learning to further enthuse students through their respective subject-lessons.

Principal Father Anthony Fonseca, remarked, “Our teachers are smart, capable and passionate, and when given the opportunity and the right tools, they are proving they can work efficiently and be effective teachers for online education.”