by Dinesh Vasava & Ashwin Macwan

Amrutdhara Don Bosco Kapadvanj and Holy Cross Church Kathlal in collaboration with Prison Ministry India organized a Christmas Programme on 21 December 2019, for 230 prisoners of Godhra Sub-Jail, in Gujarat.

The team was warmly welcomed by the police staff and the prisoners, after which Father Ashwin Macwan - Asst. Director Amrutdhara, introduced the programme. Sister Fulmani-Prison Ministry India Gujarat Coordinator recited a short prayer, which was followed by an enactment of the birth of Christ with the message that Christ came to free us from our sins, by the youth. Father Arul Parish Priest at Kathlal Parish gave the Christmas message stressing, "God loved us and he wills that we love one another." The inmates then enthusiastically participated in a game of 'housie' conducted by Father Macwan, competing for the prizes.

In his speech, Father Macwan said, "we are grateful, especially to the police staff for giving us permission to enact this short Christmas programme to share love, and express our care for all of you." One of the inmates responded with, "thanks for thinking of us, for coming, sharing and giving gifts to us." Jailer Shri S V Vankar profusely thanked the team, "It's nice to see them happy and joyful in your presence...thanks for spending time with us."

All the youth and people who participated in this Christmas outreach were grateful for getting this opportunity of celebrating Christmas with the inmates and ended the outreach with distribution of cake and gifts.