BIS #7075 Trekking to Lonavla’s Tungarli Dam

By Master Angel D’Mello and Mrs Pearl Fernandes for BISMumbai

On 29 September 2023, 30 SYM (Salesian Youth Movement) members and seven animators from Don Bosco School and Auxilum School, Lonavla, embarked on a half-day SYM leadership trek to Tungarli dam.

The day began with prayer, followed by instructions, after which they were divided into teams. The groups rallied together, busying themselves with the activities assigned to them on their journey to the dam. On reaching their destination, Fr Joyston Machado, the animator, organised a number of games and activities through which he drew out a lot of the values and skills required to be a leader. 

The SYM leadership trek kept to its aim of helping young minds grow in picking up leadership aptitudes. The trek through the various activities and games focused on the three qualities of being a leader, namely, listening, understanding and communication. With team coordination and strategy-building activities, the SYM members grasped the essence of the skills, were enriched as individuals and as a team, and were motivated to become budding youth leaders. Moreover, trekking has always been an enriching activity that allows students to connect with nature, develop self-reliance, and enjoy teamwork. 

About a week ago, on 23 September, the Scouts and Guides of Don Bosco School, Yerwada, set out on a thrilling trek to Tungarli Dam. This unforgettable outing brought together 269 Scouts and Guides, accompanied by the Principal, Fr Ajit Munis, and 18 teachers, for a day of adventure.

The preparation for the trek began two weeks in advance. Several orientation meetings helped the students understand the objectives and significance of the trek, also guiding them to be ready with the things necessary for the trek.  Addressing the students, Fr Munis said, “Hiking is a memorable experience. The best view comes after the most difficult climb. With good observation skills, you can see a thousand miracles in nature.’

The scouts, guides, and teachers set out to conquer Tungarli Hill amid lush greenery, vibrant wildflowers, and breathtaking views that rejuvenated everyone. After reaching the dam, a series of games and activities were organised for the students to further enhance their trekking experience.

The trek left an indelible impression on everyone. Master Ajay Kamble said, "The hill's height initially alarmed me, but with everyone's assistance, I was easily able to reach the summit. My first trek ever made me feel like I could conquer the world."