BIS #6997 DOSTI launches the Swanirbhar Sikshan Abhyan 

By Fr Jerome Edison for BISMumbai

The Salesian Community of Don Bosco, Makarpura, together with the Salesian Co-operators and Volunteers carried forward Project DOSTI that had been launched last summer as an Oratory for children from the bastis in the vicinity of the parish. On 31 July 2023, in the Don Bosco campus, the daily oratory was inaugurated with 36 children. However, by 3 August, the number of children soared to 64. 

On this day, DOSTI launched the Swanirbhar Sikshan Abhyan which entails remedial classes in English, Maths, Science and Computers, together with counselling, life skills, personality development, career counselling, sports and recreational programmes which will be conducted from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. on all weekdays. 

The Salesian community of Don Bosco, Makarpura, had organised a summer camp called 'DOSTI’ held from 25 April to 28 May 2023. It has now been extended further to the daily oratory and evening study classes for the poor and needy children in the vicinity. This programme aims to build a friendship with underprivileged kids, help them with education and propel personality development and character formation.

Keeping the clarion call of the Rector Major to focus on the poor young people and the INB Provincial Chapter’s recommendation of opening the institution spaces to the poorest of the poor. Don Bosco, Makarpura, has committed to Project DOSTI as an innovative initiative aimed at empowering slum children through education and holistic development. Urban slums are home to a significant number of economically disadvantaged families, and the lack of access to quality education and basic services perpetuates the cycle of poverty. The project strives to uplift the lives of underprivileged kids residing in urban slums by providing them with access to quality education, healthcare, and various enrichment programs. By focusing on their overall development, Project DOSTI aims to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for these young individuals.

The key objectives of Project Dosti are to provide access to quality education for underprivileged children, to enhance their overall development through extracurricular activities and life skills training, to improve healthcare and nutrition for better physical well-being, and to foster a sense of community and empowerment among the slum children.