BIS #6279 St. Joseph's Wadala celebrates annual thanksgiving

by Placida deSequeira Nazareth for BISMumbai

Annual Thanksgiving Day is a time when the entire team looks in retrospection, to mark out their achievements and trace their progress. It is also a time to thank all stakeholders for having been through the journey, with their encouraging and supportive presence. St. Joseph's High School Wadala, celebrated its Annual Thanksgiving Day on 05 February 2021 via Microsoft Teams. Chief Guest Father Ashley Miranda - MumbaiSalesians' Vice Provincial, appreciated and applauded the hard work of the school, in being beacons of light especially to the poor and the needy. He concluded by promising the team of his prayers and good wishes.

Principal and Headmistress Sangita Bhattacharya read the school's annual report highlighting the salient moments of the academic year 2020- 21. She expressed her gratitude to God, and especially to St. Joseph, recalling the various challenging episodes through which the school sailed, during the past year. She appreciation for the management and all stakeholders, singling out prominent individuals, paying them due respects. Bhattacharya accentuated the aspect of panning academic, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to evolve and raise the standard of education. She highlighted the 100 % SSC results and the winners of various online competitions, participated by the students. Finally, she spoke about the various missions - systematised processes of teaching, leading to the holistic growth of the students, and pledged to create an ambience that encourages creative learning with daily life praxis, the Bosco way.

The celebration continued with the expression of gratitude by the students, through a poem and a flash- mob through their foot tapping dance, consisting of the management, PTA, teachers, and the students. Vice-Principal Father Charlin Chandran proposed the vote of thanks, expressing his indebtedness to teachers Lloyd, Namrata,Sunny, Angelo, Thelma, Ayesha, Avinash, Pavita, Matilda, Manjiri and Nivetha for their dedication and hard work.