BIS #6274 Don Bosco Lonavla offline boarding & school resumes

Cleric Bless Rumao for BISMumbai

No sooner did the apostolic boys and the aspirants return to Don Bosco Lonavla, from 05 January 2021, the activities have already begun in earnest, full of bubbling energy and creativity. With the situation getting better and the restrictions relaxed, the aspirantate has been reopened, as an optional possibility, from classes IX to XII, with 43 boys returning. In keeping with government notification, the school physically resumed from 04 January 2021. From 07 February 2021, 22 boys of class VIII are expected to return to the boarding.

On 12-13 January the 02 newly ordained MumbaiSalesians' priests: Father Nelson Mudaliar and Father Akhil Abraham visited DBL They shared their vocation story which was very well-integrated with the recollection and the adoration service for the boys. The newly ordained were felicitated before supper, with a short programme in the A/V hall. They had ample opportunities to interact with the new priests during which interesting questions were asked and the others at home interacted online.

The aspirants of class XI, under the guidance of Cleric Jansen Vaz, organised the Novena in honour of St John Bosco, inaugurated on 22 January 2021 with the Eucharistic celebration. The theme for the novena was ‘Let the dream begin’, referring to the life of the aspirants, for it is here that they start dreaming the dream of Don Bosco and actualise it in their own special way by walking in his footsteps. The sodality and group leaders were installed after the Holy Mass. All through the novena days, different interesting activities [minute to win it, skits, drawing-singing competitions, treasure-hunt, adventure games] each day helped the boys to know more about Don Bosco. On 30 January the much awaited Don Bosco Nite was ‘fun, learning and growth’ in the Salesian tradition.

The cherry on the cake was the feast day on 31 January 2021, with a solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by Father McEnroe Lopes, former MumbaiSalesians' Vocation Animator. The FMA [Salesian] nuns, Salesian Cooperators, parishioners and the school teachers also joined in the Holy Mass