BIS #6300 SDB Nashik celebrates World Day of Fight Against Sexual Exploitation

by Father Roshan Gonsalves for BISMumbai

On 04 March 2021 at Shelter Don Bosco Nashik, the World Day of Fight Against Sexual Exploitation was observed. Resident Counsellor Kalyani Vispute organised the day's programme on 'Good Touch and Bad Touch' to raise awareness and safeguard the boys in need of care and protection.

The boys were trained to identify the 'no touch' areas and understood who are safe adults and whom to report to when there is an alarming situation. They also learnt to handle strangers and say 'no' to unwanted touches by running away or shouting out aloud and report immediately about such happenings to trustworthy guardians. The demonstration conducted by the counsellor gave a clear picture about the safe circle. This practical presentation helped the children to recognize, safeguard and protect themselves against such dangers from an early age. The crux of the session was to enlighten the children that their body belongs to them and they need to stay safe and secure.