BIS #6967 IT Orientation at DBYC Ahmednagar

By Fr Ajay D’Monte for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Youth Centre, Ahmednagar, conducted an insightful orientation program on the importance, benefits, and pathways to enter the field of Information Technology (IT) for students of the Computer, Typing and Study Centre on 3 July 2023. This programme aimed at providing valuable information and guidance to the students. Mr Mahadao Ghode, Branch Manager at IANT (Institute of Advanced Networking Technology) and a past pupil of Don Bosco Community College, was the resource person for the sessions.

The first session focused on introducing the concept of information technology and its pivotal role in today's world. Mr Ghode enlightened the students about the diverse elements of information technology, encompassing hardware, software, and networking, which are essential for performing significant daily tasks. He emphasised the importance of information technology in facilitating faster communication, electronic storage management, and record protection.

Following a short break, the second session centred around job opportunities and the future prospects of the IT sector. Mr Ghode used simple language to help students grasp the various job opportunities available in the field of Information Technology. He elucidated the wide range of roles encompassed in the IT industry, including e-commerce, business, education, banking, healthcare management, finance, food services, and more. Mr Ghode also reassured the students that entering the IT field is not a daunting task and encouraged them to explore this promising career path.

During the interactive segment of the session, Mr Ghode patiently addressed the students' queries and provided satisfactory responses. Ms Pranali Barad, one of the Computer students, expressed her appreciation and gratitude to Don Bosco Youth Centre for organising the informative session. She found the program extremely valuable and eye-opening as it provided her with a broader understanding of the IT field.

In conclusion, Mr Jacob Jadhav extended his heartfelt gratitude to Mr Ghode for sharing his vast knowledge and valuable time with the students. He acknowledged that both sessions were highly pertinent, as they encouraged students to consider the IT field for their future career prospects. As the current batch nears completion of their Computer and Typing course, this orientation serves as a valuable preparation for their upcoming endeavours.