BIS #6154 MumbaiSalesians' Past-Pupils Zoom-meet with Fr Klement Václav

by Father Crispino D’Souza & Father Bernard Fernandes for BISMumbai

Father Klement Václav, the Extraordinary Visitor [2020-26] for the PastPupils arranged a Zoom Meet with the Mumbai Salesians' Past-Pupils and Salesaian Delegates on Sunday 13 September 2020. It was the first online Past-Pupils meeting on the Zoom platform. Inclusive of Father Vaclav from Rome, Brother Nam Dominic Nguyen-World Delegate for the Don Bosco Alumni, Niel Evangelista-the GEX Asia-Oceania Councillor and his assistant Andre Launiothere, there were 43 participants present which is a record for the number of participants present for any such meeting. Also, for the 1st time, 15 MumbaiSalesians' Delegates were present from all the regions of the Province, including Kuwait. This is an exercise that is being done with all the provinces of the Society.

The meeting started at 1400 hours, with MumbaiSalesians' Past-Pupils Delegate-Father Crispino D'Souza, introducing the Salesian Delegates present at the meeting. This was followed by the Province President of the Past-Pupils Rashmin Desai, introducing the alumni of the different local units present at the meeting. Desai also presented a summary of the activities carried out by the Past-Pupils especially during the COVID-19 crisis. GEX PResident Sachin Kotian spoke on behalf of the GEX members of the Province.

The floor was then opened for sharing of ideas, aspirations, dreams and challenges for the Past-Pupils especially the GEX members. Towards the end, Evangelista, Launiothere and Brother Nguyen shared their thoughts, and the meeting ended with a vote of thanks and a prayer by the Province Delegate. Everyone was happy with the proceedings and enthused to go to rejuvenate their local units.

Significant takeaways from the meeting were:

  • newly drafted Delegates Handbook,

  • Gexpresso, a talk show to share good practices in the region and

  • Questionnaire prepared for the 150th anniversary of the Past Pupils.

Few suggestions were also made: to extend the age limit of the GEX members; a common activity at the province level to bring all the local units together; get into social networking more in order to reach out to the many GEX-members who have no time to attend meetings; and for Salesians in the houses to connect more and support the alumni.